401(k) Programs

Employer based investment plans meant to match employee contributions

401(k) programs are an incredibly good tool to attract employees to work for your company.  They may take some time to set up, but once they are in place, provides your employees with excellent built-in retirement planning tools.  This also gives you as the business a pathway to reduce your overall tax liability through matches to the program.

401(k) options for businesses can be complicated and difficult to set up.  There are a huge number of options and possibilities to set programs up for employees.  Then the employees take advantage of the investment options defined by the employer.

Having a well-versed professional in this area is crucial to minimizing the stress, headache, and overall costs associated with setting up an employee 401(k) program.

Additionally, if you are a small business owner that employs just yourself, this is an excellent vehicle to both plan for retirement and reduce taxes through your own self-matching.

401(k) Plans Can Be Good For...

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